Alleviating Psychological Stress Through Psychoanalysis

man covering face with both hands while sitting on bench

– Professor Jun Hong Lu JP

The mind is often seen as an enigma by people in modern society. Psychology divides the mind into the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. The unconscious mind houses unconscious negative responses to psychological maladjustment to the external environment; this is a conflict caused by an existing consciousness embedded in your thinking and an abrupt unconscious mental state. The consciousness from the conscious mind is a kind of mental defence mechanism that you depend upon without reservation. These two types of consciousness will reveal the condition of your spiritual health when it comes to changes in your personality. The unconscious mind can relieve our emotions,whereas the conscious mind will reveal behavioural patterns that link to great stress and confusion of the defence mechanism.

I believe that the most important goal is to prevent these consciousnesses from creating a conflict in our minds. When the human consciousness enters an individual entity’s awareness, particularly in those who generate conscious awareness, we would not want to encourage them to self-disclose. This may cause them to develop a kind of resistance in their consciousness as they consider the many variables in external circumstances or important people in their environment. Thus, they need to learn how to manage their emotions and use transference techniques so that they can manage their compulsive thoughts, control their irrational behaviours and learn to control their anxieties. By doing so, they can analyse their own psyche and gain new self-awareness.

We want to help every patient regulate the stresses and obstacles in their lives. We can perform dream interpretations for them and have them perform free association so that we can find the source of their mental health issues. This method uses a person’s self-awareness to change their cognitive awareness about their external environment. While this may take several years, the most important thing is to often do counselling, analysis, and provide explanations so that they can change the nature of their personality.

I want to emphasise that it is important to help patients manage their stress themselves and to educate them about the id, ego, and superego. The id is our unconscious self, motivated by the emotions brought on by their environment. The ego is our conscious self, creating an environment in our daily lives. The superego is our moral self, an ideal, a kind of meditative awareness generated from the regulation of personality structures. Hence, I hope that everyone can understand psychoanalysis, as you will be able to better alleviate your own mental stress.